17757530_1390122194378332_97768515552979634_n Our ministry has existed for over twenty years to bring faith, hope and love to the forgotten ones in Romania. On April 1st we announced that we were beginning a “family home program” in Tanzania. It was not a joke or a prank. It was the gosh honest truth!

I am sure that people asked themselves “Why?”  Why would a ministry that has dedicated itself since 1996 to Romania all of a sudden go to Africa?  Specifically Tabora, Tanzania. Why not stay in Eastern Europe? Why not develop something nationally? If you are going to branch out there has to be someplace that would make a lot more sense. I must admit when Andy Baker (our Executive Director) told me that we may be venturing out to Tanzania those were my exact thoughts.

However I ask you now “Why not”? What makes more sense then to go to a nation where there are over two million orphans. Our calling has always been to reach out to the least of these. Andy was called twenty years ago to the plight of the orphans in Romania. We have partnered there and hopefully continue to make a difference in that country. Nothing has changed. However, when God speaks you know you must listen. Then you must do. The opportunity has been presented to us to again partner with Mircea Toca and work with a model that was successful in Romania. Take a community of ten family homes with a loving mother and father. Add ten orphaned children to that family and pour out God’s love into their lives. It is a proven model and makes a difference. Our goal is to establish those then homes in Tabora. Our first home is up and running. I invite you to partner with us. Become part of the “Why Not’s” and make a difference. Information about this is on our website  and I encourage you to visit and get more details.