Being Relational

Working with sponsorship engagement I believe in relational ministry. I believe that all aspects of our program should be relational. First and foremost, our goal when establishing new sponsorship programs should be first reaching out to the children, then to their families and then to the communities. When we reach out to a child and meet their basic needs they find hope and purpose.


   Secondly when working with our Partners it is our desire to come along side of them and encourage. As Paul, would put it “they do the planting and we do the watering”. We are not there to tell them how to do the job but rather to work as partners ensuring that the Great Commission will be fulfilled.

    Finally, with our sponsors we want to make sure that they are valued, they understand where their dollars are going and that those funds are being used for Kingdom work. The best part of my job is being able to connect sponsors to their children through letters, gifts are just a simple photograph.


    Overall it is a great moment all the way around when I see that our pastors “really get it”. This fall and summer our partner in Santandrei, Danny, made sure that the children in both villages had school supplies and warm winter coats. He put the sponsorship dollars to good use.  

Another great idea was created by our partner, David, in Ciumeghiu. To encourage participation in the after school program he offered a reward system for attendance, memorizing and being engaged. The children received a type of currency and then were able to go shopping. Instead of buying toys or candy they actually choose to get things lasting such as coats and shoes. 

Both of these partners took their own time
to reach out and be relational to the children.
It is an investment that pays dividends!

Chuck Guth
Director of Operations & Sponsorship Engagement 

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