Mobilized to LOVE


The time has finally come! We are here. The booth is beginning to take shape, as we prepare our hearts and minds for the 2016 International Conference on Mission (ICOM)! Year after year, thousands of people gather to learn, grow, inspire, and motivate each other to love our world more deeply. I always get emotional when I first walk through the doors of ICOM and see hundreds of booths that represent thousands of people…from different cultures, languages, and backgrounds…all choosing to LOVE their world.

They. Choose. To. Love.

I am always encouraged and inspired, as I stroll through the exhibit hall and see how people use their skills and passions to bring food, clothes, water, education, and freedom to the poor and oppressed around the world. I am always reminded that no matter how hard life gets or how overwhelming the pain and heartache around the world can feel, our God is MOVING. He cares about each tear that is shed. He hears the cries of the lonely. He has not forgotten us. ICOM shows me that God is mobilizing His people to love this world in mighty ways and I am beyond blessed to see Remember the Children fit into that plan. We are able to see people experience the hope and love of God as He breathes life into their homes and communities. We get to watch people like you choose to love children who are often forgotten and abandoned.

Today. May you rest in the knowledge that God does not forget your pain, but He listens to you and is FOR you. Know that He is moving in this world to bring new hope and life. And may you feel empowered to love those in your life…be the hope they need today!

Written By: Grace Hansen, Director of Communications

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