My family is a blessing to me. They support my efforts to lead the ministry of Remember the Children in ways I never imagined. We have loved our times serving together. We have made deep and life-lasting friendships in Romania, and it has truly become our second home. But my wife and girls sacrifice a lot with my continual absence from their lives, and that doesn’t go unnoticed by me.  I love how supportive they are of my time away doing whatever needs to be done to advance the work we are doing in Romania.

We have come to a milestone in the ministry life of Remember the Children, and that is celebrating 20 years since my first adventure into the country of Romania. At that time, I never knew how deeply it would impact my life, nor did I ever dream that a ministry like Remember the Children would evolve. I have been amazed at the numbers when I look back.  Hundreds of people have travelled with me to serve in Romania. Thousands of children’s lives have been transformed through these efforts. We have also had the privilege to help in the start and assist in the development of 12 churches. We are presently helping in the development of the Houses of Hope for orphans. But the staggering number to me is the millions of dollars that our friends and supporters have given through Remember the Children to bless the lives of those we serve. I’m grateful for the many people who have believed in my simple vision of bringing faith, hope, and love to those that have been forgotten.

But this summer was extra special after all the years of doing this, because my sister Carolyn and her husband Steve joined me and Gerri for a week of serving and encouraging our partners in Romania. We had the privilege to meet with all of them, pray with them, share meals together, share in times of laughter and good conversation, and Steve even preached for one of our partners in an evening service. If you hang around me long enough, one of my personality traits is to not really talk about what I do. I don’t know how to explain it, but deep down I just believe that I am doing what God purposed me to do with my life. It is an awesome privilege to do it, and it is a great gift to have a family that supports it.  However, I was humbled to listen to my Romanian colleagues share with Carolyn and Steve the importance of the ministry of Remember the Children.  There is something that I hear differently when the ministry is being shared to others by those that work alongside of me.  It was overwhelming to listen to them, but I was grateful that my family got to hear how significant Remember the Children has been with those with whom I share my life.

I don’t know about the future but right now I’m forever thankful for the last twenty years, and hopeful for greater things in the next twenty.

Andy Baker
Executive Director

Pray Bold. Act Bold.

Lettuce rows 2013

“Break my heart for what breaks Yours.”

I have prayed this prayer many times, but I have been challenged to live by the motto Pray Bold. Act Bold. This stems from a story I read once:

There were two farmers in a land that was cursed by a horrible drought. Each farmer knew that if rain did not come soon, they would be unable to provide for their families and possibly not make it through the winter months. Both farmers were Christians, so they decided to call out to God for help. The first farmer sat in his study, day after day…night after night, fervently praying. He prayed standing up, he prayed from his knees. He fasted for many days, hoping that God would hear his prayers. The second farmer also prayed fervently. He dedicated large amounts of his day to asking God to provide for his family and bring the rain. He then would go out into his fields every afternoon and work to prepare the ground for the rain he trusted would come. He worked the dry, hard soil, so that it would be more receptive to the water. He even planted some of the seeds he had, so that as soon as the rain came they would begin to grow. Looking at these two farmers, which trusted God would provide more?

The one who not only prayed bold prayers, but accompanied those prayers with bold action, trusting in the goodness and provision of the Father.

I want to be like that second farmer. I want to pray bold prayers for the kingdom. Prayers that line myself up with the heart and passions of God. I also want to live a bold life, trusting in His guidance and provision. So, when I pray “break my heart for what breaks Yours,” how do I actively arrange myself to be broken by God…to fall in love with what HE loves?

I don’t think there is a closer place to God’s heart than when you are LOVING THE NATIONS (ours included). After all, THAT was His entire purpose in sending His Son to die on the cross…that all people of the world would know and love Him. Want your heart to ache for the same things Christ’s heart aches for? Love the nations. Learn about the peoples of the world. See their pain, poverty, and heartache as well as their beauty, joy, and victories. Fall in love with culture and language. Long to feed the hungry and fight for the freedom of those in sexual captivity. Hear the cry of the homeless and orphaned.

Respond. With. Love.

May we not only be people of bold prayers, but also bold action. May we hear God’s call to love the nations. This would be a GOOD thing.

Grace Hansen
Director of Operations