Into the Waves


“You make me BRAVE. You call me out beyond the shore, into the waves. No fear can hinder now the promises you made. Because love in wave after wave, crashes over me. For you are for us and you are not against us. Champion of heaven, You made a way for all to enter in.” -Lyrics from You Make Me Brave, by Hillsong  LISTEN TO SONG>

Do you ever hear lyrics to a song and think, “that is beautiful, but what does that mean in REAL life?” I had one of those moments this week. I often listen to worship music to calm my baby daughter when she is upset. It is powerful to watch how music calms her body and eases her stress. I can sense this same power in the way the music moves me. It has a way of taking words and driving them deeper into our souls. As I sat listening and rocking my daughter, these words stuck out to me. They played over and over in my mind. I found myself both lost in their depth and wondering, how do I live these words out for REAL? Its wonderful to say “you make me brave and call me out to live life in the rough waves, trusting you…” but how do I actually live out that truth? Do I see in my own life where God is calling me to the waves? Do I recognize the fulfillment of His promises in my life? When He promises never to leave us, to be our strength through persecution, to be our hope for the future. When He declares that He is the freedom for the captives and oppressed. Do I walk in these promises daily? Do I let them transform the way I see people around me? Do I let them deepen my love for people in my community and around the world?

RtC has the opportunity to love those the world has chosen to forget. We partner with servant-hearted men and women who have dedicate their lives to living out real, raw, authentic love for the children and families around them in Romania. I am humbled as I hear stories of hope and transformation rising from the communities they live in. Our God is a PROMISE-KEEPING God. He does not change or fail in anyway. He is not a shifting sand, unstable and unfit for a foundation. Our God is able and willing. His love knows no bounds and He has lavished it over us.

You can be apart of these stories in a powerful way. You can sponsor a child today and make an impact on their life that will go beyond you. You can join us on a trip to Romania and see first hand what God is doing! Or check out the Boxes of Hope program to see how you can be a vessel of hope this Christmas to the children of Romania.

You. Can. Pray.

Pray for boldness in the lives of those serving in Romania. Pray for the hearts of those they serve, that God would move in a huge way. Pray for the hope of Christ to sweep over Romania.

How is God calling you into the waves today? I encourage you to venture out into those waters, knowing that you can TRUST the Promise-Keeping God!

Written by: Grace Hansen, Director of Operations



Through the Eyes of Katrina


Today’s Story of Hope comes from our friend, Katrina Spencer. She first came to Romania 3 years ago and it captured her heart from the beginning. She is coming to the end of a month long trip with RtC and has some hope to share! 

Remember the Children (RtC) never ceases to amaze me in the relationships they have established with groups and individuals in Romania. It is through these relationships that I have been able to create my own friendships, memories, and experiences. RtC has forever changed my life and I could not be more grateful. With this being my third summer, it has been the greatest joy to see the fruit blossoming from the previous years. I have watched children grow year after year both physically, and in their relationship with Jesus. I have been able to make connections with our Romanian hosts. My days have been filled with conversations that have been very informative and are teaching me more and more about the culture, the history, and the reason why Romania is the way it is.

Walking in and out of orphanages, group homes, and even maternity wards has been challenging but it brings me peace knowing that today they were loved. They know that someone cares about them, is praying for them, and is willing to take time to visit them. I know that the language barrier can prevent deep conversations, but that a smile can equally communicate hope. I am so thankful for these moments, and will be seeking more of them always. The ministry of presence is so powerful. 

During our travels this month, we met so many people, saw so many smiles, and received countless hugs. We shed tears, shared in laughter, and communicated love in all that we did. It is my prayer for the Romanian people that each family may know God. That they may see there is such a bigger purpose than what they believe. I pray that they will continue to seek more than what they have now.

I want to bring each of you reading this here with me.

I have yet to encounter something more heart wrenching than the grip of tiny hands on the back of your neck, clinging with all their might, begging you to stay, and watching tears fill their eyes as you give them one more kiss. Every time I leave a village I imagine the next time I will go back, and I can say with confidence that I will be back. As heartbreaking as some days may be, there is nothing more rewarding than days spent in Gypsy communities. I am so thankful that the Lord has given me a deep seeded passion to love the orphans and the forgotten of this world. I fall more and more in love with this country, this culture, and each community every time I am here. These children show me what is means to be loved unconditionally, and teach me how to live selflessly. Friends, I have never been loved so well by complete strangers. The kids and adults alike are so welcoming.

They don’t care about my past, and they don’t care about what I plan to do next. They care about me, in this moment, and love me the best way they know how.

It was an honor to be the hands and feet of Jesus for the last three weeks. As I continue to pray for these children, communities, and this country I ask that you will join me. Please pray for safety; for opportunity, and for a deeper understanding and desire to know Jesus.

Written By: Katrina Spencer, Guest Author

Keep up with Katrina’s ministry in Romania by visiting her website!

A Mix of Mission and Music

Giant Heart copy

Hey, I’m Serena, a Singer Songwriter from England who loves the work that Remember the Children does. I have been visiting Romania for the last 10 years and it’s safe to say I have fallen in love with it and all its children!

That’s why when I bumped into Andy Baker in 2010 I knew we would make great friends. He took me out to see the projects that RTC were involved in and I knew I wanted to know more. Later on in 2013, 14 and 15, I made trips with Andy at Christmas to deliver gifts to the children in various homes and villages.

On one of the days we visited a state orphanage where the children ran to us to play with, to be loved and to get a hug. I have experienced this many times before but this was one of the first times for me in a state orphanage.

I remember leaving the room where we were playing with them for a little just to take a deep breath and look around. Taking in the bare little bedroom that about 8 of them shared I found myself in floods of tears and crying out to God for these kids to be saved and to know His love for them. I also desperately wanted to do something to change things practically for them.

But the feeling of being able to do nothing or very little left me feeling powerless and a bit lost. As we drove away for the second time I remember the feeling so clearly. Leaving them without sharing Jesus with them, without being able to give them hope for an escape was too much to bear. Only a visit to their existence and then to return to mine. It hit me like being punched in the stomach. Such injustice and an inability to find a solution. I hated the feeling of not being able to do anything.


Hang on though. Nothing is not an option. I live in a world of possibilities, this is what I’ve been taught. Nothing is not an option. There is always something to do. These words came to my mind – “A small voice and a big clap of thunder” the ONLY thing I can do is pray. Do I believe it will make a difference?

We later went to visit House of Hope where Pastor Mihai and his family have taken in 25 of those very children and started to love and care for them. This wasn’t nothing, this was everything. These weren’t the love starved children I had seen that afternoon, they were safe. And this safety was marked in their smiles, their hugs and their joy. I knew there must be a way I could help. Here were children rescued from loneliness and hurt and introduced to Jesus all in one house. My brain got a thinking!

Long story short, a bit of singing, a pizza topped with french fries and a few chats later, Andy and I hatched a plan to make my dream of mixing music with mission a reality. Last year I recorded my first CD, Giant Heart with all the proceeds going to House of Hope. So far it has raised over $14,000 in CD sales and Child Sponsorships. This year I am recording my second CD and I hope it will be as successful.

I am so grateful to be able to make a small difference by donating the proceeds of my music to House of Hope but I also need to believe that my prayers and yours can do just as much, and most likely more.

Please donate or sponsor a child, but please pray too, pray for those children still living in darkness that they would one day be rescued into an eternity with Jesus too.

Download Giant Heart on Itunes or buy and donate on Bandcamp

Guest Author: Serena Dalton, Singer/Songwriter

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