Does Child Sponsorship Work?


This is a question I am often asked and it is one that you really need to discover on your own.

Sponsoring a child is not just a financial commitment but rather an investment in God’s Kingdom. We are called to look after the “least of these” and children are the most vulnerable. They are often left without hopes or dreams. Sponsorship is a means where we can change that.

Through sponsorship, you are coming along side of one of our strategic servant partners and offering assistance in providing social, economic and spiritual resources to help a child have a future. These children often feel that no one cares for them and by connecting them with a sponsor they begin to experience hope and self worth.

I have been a child sponsor for over twelve years. I was a good sponsor in sending in my commitment and writing letters. However, it was not until I actually met my first sponsored child that I saw the difference that I was making. When we met she took one look at my wife and myself and burst into tears. They were not sad tears but tears of joy. Every time I looked into her eyes that day I saw the love she had for us and for what we were doing in her life. Through this experience I saw the love that Jesus has for each of us and I knew we were making a difference.

My life had changed.

I am a believer in child sponsorship and I desire to bring that same joy that I have experienced to others through the sponsorship program of Remember the Children. The children in Romania are the future of the developing church. By engaging them first we then can begin to reach their families and finally the communities. That is our impact model. We currently have two sponsorship programs underway with a third in development. We are working in Satu Mare where we are partnering with House of Hope. Here 25 orphans are being cared for on a daily basis. One of my sponsored children lives there and I got to meet him one night. Besides all of the hugs, the one thing I remember the most was when I sat down to tie my shoes. He jumped in and tied them for me. He just kept looking me in the eyes and smiling as he did so. My heart melted at that moment. We are also partnering with a church in Chimeghiu that has an after school program for the children in that area. They are reaching out and being a light in a rather dark community. Over the past two years I am seeing the difference that the church is making and know that through the sponsorship program the children will begin to see the transformational love of Jesus.   Shortly we hope to have the program in Santandrei, where we will be offering opportunities to the Roma/Gypsy children of two villages. Already, plans are developing to build a community center where we can begin to reach out to those families.

I encourage you to pray about making a difference in the life of a child. Find out for yourself if the program works and join with us. Our program is relational and it is not just about the dollars. It is about encouraging and offering hope to a child and it is my testimony that sponsorship does not just change one life but two. Would you be willing to make that investment and discovery?

Author: Chuck Guth, Director of Child Sponsorship


Compassion in Action


Some of the most profound expressions of love can be found in the earthy, organic, average, messy aspects of life. It is in these places, where we see what it means to be human. As Christians, our call is to enter into these places with hearts full of compassion! Jesus modeled this when He entered into our world and took on human flesh. He left the throne room of the Creator and chose to take on the average, everyday, parts of being a human. He got hungry and tired. He experienced pain and loneliness. He had very real physical needs and limitations. He was willing to embrace it all in order to love us to our core.

Compassion shows up with a Carhart t-shirt on. In other words, it is ready to work, ready to serve, ready to sweat, ready to be tired. Compassion is LOVE expressing itself in ACTION.

This is why Christians all over the world are compelled to bring food to the poor, wash the feet of the homeless, or even build bathrooms for remote churches. We enter into real life with people and learn the depth of love that can be found there.

While traveling in India, I got the opportunity to sit and talk to an amazing woman. We talked about when she came to understand the deep love God has for her. She told me that she used to think God was just the God of America. He spoke English and dressed in western clothing. He sent His people to take care of the poor around the world, but He did not want to go there Himself. Then something beautiful happened. The Bible was translated into her language. She was able to hear God’s words in her own heart language! She heard God declare His love for her, and saw that Jesus DID enter the mess of the world Himself. With tears in her eyes, she exclaimed joyfully, “I learned that God is the God of EVERYONE.” When we are able to put flesh to God, to enter people’s mess and show them that God cares deeply for them, even in the mundane aspects of their life…lives are transformed!!

At RtC, we get the privilege of joining Jesus in entering into life with those in Romania. We get to live out compassion in a very real way…to show people that God is not the God of America, but He treasures THEM. He speaks their language and cherishes their culture. He entered humanity out of love and redeemed us to live a life of love as well.

Do you have the courage to put on a Carhart shirt? To work, sweat, and grow weary?

Do you have the courage to love?

Grace Hansen
Director of Operations





Catching up with RtC


A question is asked of me periodically, where do you see yourself in a year or even five years? I never really know how to answer that question, because it seems like a lot of what we do through Remember the Children is day to day.  However, at our board meeting in September of 2014, I knew we needed to make extreme changes if we were going to be able to grow as a ministry and truly fulfill our mission.

The first change came in February of 2015, when we contracted with CICS in Carmel, IN to begin managing our finances.  Our two purposes in this move were to move to a better system of accountability, and to move towards ECFA accreditation.  We finished 2015 in our strongest financial position since 2006. This success has a lot to do with our generous partners, but it also has to do with strong fiscal oversight and a growing ministry program that many of our partners see as being beneficial and life-changing.

The second change happened in January and February of this year when Chuck Guth and Grace Hansen joined our team. Chuck is overseeing our growing child sponsorship program, and is bringing his years of experience with Compassion International, as a volunteer coordinator, to our team. Chuck has already done an outstanding job organizing the program, following up with new sponsors, and managing the day to day oversight that is needed for effectively communicating.  Grace Hansen’s primary job is making sure our day to day operations run smoothly.  This has allowed me the time to travel here in the United States for our development needs, and to spend the needed time in Romania working alongside our ministry partners.  Grace has already developed a new website, and will be monitoring and updating our social media as well.  Be sure to “like” us on Facebook, and to “follow” us on Twitter.  Instagram is in our near future.

The third change is that Kim Jackson has left us effective April 1, to begin a new journey with Elder Orphan Care.  This is not an April Fool’s joke, but it is a celebration of the launching of a new ministry from Remember the Children.  Kim has journeyed with us for five years, and anybody who has spent time with her knows of her love and passion for the work that is taking place in Romania to rescue homeless and helpless elderly. Honestly, as any ministry grows, at times there comes growing pains, and as Remember the Children has needed to circle back around with our growing needs in helping at risk children, we knew this was a good time to launch Kim on this great endeavor which will allow her to focus solely on her primary passion.  You can connect with Kim at, or connect with her on Facebook by “liking” Elder Orphan Care.

Fourthly, we hope you will engage with us on social media, and watch for our weekly updates.  We plan to send a quarterly newsletter by mail with deeper feature articles. And we will have a monthly newsletter that we will send by e-mail that we invite you to sign up for by clicking on the link on our website (or by clicking here!). We are really striving to use technology to communicate, and we hope you find it beneficial to staying connected with us.

Lastly, we have a new online giving feature as well.  Please check it out.  Set up an account you can manage which will allow you to easily donate monthly.  We also take your old vehicles and old cell phones! Yes, those old phones sitting in drawers around your house can be donated to Remember the Children, and we will receive cash as they are recycled, and you get the tax deduction. This feature will also allow you to debit directly from your checking account so there are no more hassles of expiring debit or credit cards. We are taking seriously the needs of our donors in order to make it as easy as possible to become a partner in our ministry.  Please take the time to look at the many ways you can be helping Remember the Children financially through our DONATION link.

Well, this was a lot to read!  But I hope you find it exciting and engaging!  Our new team is doing our best to communicate as effectively as possible.  We welcome your questions and suggestions.  Thank you for being a partner in ministry with us.  There are great days ahead as we journey forward to holistic transformation in the lives of the people we serve.